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When you become an Insider(Member) we pay you for your visits to our website daily, we pay you for every comments you share on our web posts, we also pay you when another user upvote your comments on our website, last but not the least, we also pay you for replying other people’s comments on our website. Set aside that, we also have a gamify weekly activities that if you participate in we will also pay you but you must come forth as 12t, 2nd, or 3rd winner of the Gamify QnA session.

In total you may be earning up to 500 NGN to 1000 NGN in a day and could be earning over 40k to 50K in a month. To spice things up, we also pay you when you attain a new badge, We know the journey won’t be easy to attain, so to recognize your success we reward you 1x your current earnings for just one badge attained in arials as times goes on the more badge you earned rewards your effort with x your current earnings. Many came with this type of our patterns but didn’t make it oops!! we send our condolence to them.

Our differences is that aside from sharing our website revenue with you, we have also set aside a yearly backup funds for this motion store in our paystack dashboard just for you. Just earn it that’s all you need to do. We came prepared, powerpacked with our smart algorithm which is able to detect foul play/plan and programmed to suspend, ban or remove all your revenue earned, If you play smart we have a system that will play smart with you too. Even if you cheat the system you can’t cheat us, we are manual and we conduct a second review that won’t be automatic.


We brag ourselves in providing the best and straighforward commentary monetization program that keeps our users engaged yet earn a certain reward for perfoming various activities on our site. We roll out first batch of payment on the 25th of the month and Roll out second batch on the 27th of the same month and Third batch on th 30th of that month. If month falls into 31st the payment will be made 31st of that same month. Allow to apply We use a manual and systematic automation to roll out payment powered by Paystack. No delay in payment and no story. Infact except bank network be that case, expect payment deliver to you in less than 3min mark the word.

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